Europe Specialist


Hello Momma!

I bet you are a smart, busy mom who feels run down and needs to recharge. Your longing for a trip that will fulfill your thirst for culture and education, while at the same time offering relief from your every day responsibilities. You know you want to walk down century old cobblestone streets, while drinking your espresso, taking in the smell of the pastry your little one is enjoying, and feeling the tranquility that comes as you look across an amazing European city.

You do not want to spend your precious time researching destinations, tracking the (what seems like) billions of options, Googling about trying to find great deals, and making all the bookings. You don’t want to end up feeling like just another tourist or more drained then refreshed.

I'm Suzanne and I started my business as a travel agent so I could help successful, but busy moms like you create your ideal European family vacations. Let me take the stress and overwhelm away, while giving you back your time.



The Vacation Creation Blueprint

Start feeling in control and great about your family’s adventure. Secure your one on one, 30- minute spot in the vacation creation blueprint where I will help you determine exactly what you want to see on your European vacation and how to create your ideal itinerary.

Plan, Refine, and Pack Your Bags

If you want more support beyond the blueprint, then I research your trip, offering different itinerary options. I will continue to refine your itinerary until it suits your needs and desires. Make your deposit and pack your bags for your ideal European vacation.

Enjoy Your Ideal European Vacation

Now go out and see the world! If you decide to work with me as your personal agent, then as you enjoy your European vacation, you will still have my full support and service should you need anything. You can reach me by phone, email, or direct messaging at any time.

Get instant access to the Vacation Creation FREEBIE Vault!

Unlock all of my FREEBIES to take away the stress, anxiety, overwhelm, and hours of research for any family trip.

Inside you will get access to:

  • Busy Mom's Worry Free Travel Checklist so you can save time and eliminate your worries

  • Guide to Staying Healthy While Traveling so you can be confident you are ready for anything

  • Sightseeing Guides for Europe's Most Popular Cities so you can save hours of research

  • Guide to Tipping in Europe so you can be confident in knowing country norms

  • Guides to Spain for Families & Europe for Honeymooners & Romantics so you don't have to spend your time putting itineraries together